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Free Nutrition Seminar on Elite Nutrition Methods
When: Saturday Dec 10th @ 1:00 pm
Where: District CrossFit

1525 Half St. SW, Washington D.C., 20024

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Seminar Preview
Body Composition
Learn why "eat less, exercise more" is bad
     advice for  long-term fat loss
Learn how to eat according to your body type
Learn how hormonal differences affect the
     the nutrition strategy that works best for you
Learn how to simultaneously improve your 
     health even when focused on other goals
Determine nutrient combinations that fit your
     physiology & genetics best
Develop consistent & caffeine-free energy 
CrossFit, yoga, running, etc. all place 
     different demands on your body and 
     thus require different nutritional 
     strategies. Learn to individualize.
Learn crossfit-specific recovery 
     strategies that improve stamina,
     recovery, & strength
What is elite nutrition?
Nutrition built for sustainable, long-term 
     change, not short-term dieting.
Nutrition that meets your individualized 
    needs. No one-size-fits-all strategies.
Education-based. Don't just follow a meal
    plan blindly. Learn why & how to adjust
    variables for long-term ownership.
Realistic programming that helps you 
    balance & integrate your other priorities
    and demands on your time. 
About your seminar host

Derick is a nutrition coach and owner of Elite Nutrition. Derick's experience lies in having coached hundreds of clients with a wide range of backgrounds from professional athletes, families & single-parents, to working professionals balancing the ever increasing busyness of modern day work-life reality.   

Elite Nutrition, specializes in providing nutrition coaching for individuals seeking robust fitness across body composition, health, performance, & mindset. Helping clients hold themselves to a higher-standard through intelligent nutrition strategies is the core focus of Elite Nutrition. 

A firm believer that the best diet is the one you will actually stick to, Derick is actively involved in educating clients that there is no 1 single best approach. Nutrition is not about restrictive, cumbersome and labor intensive diets. Rather, intelligent nutrition is the path towards what really matters in life, namely the consistent development of skills & habits that support long-term health and well-being.
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