Elite Nutrition Ethos
"Hold yourself to a higher standard"

Elite Nutrition's mission is to provide nutrition coaching specifically designed for clients with busy lives. Whether you are a working professional, raising a family, or finding yourself continually busy, being successful with your health goals will require having a nutrition program tailored to your lifestyle & time constraints. 

The Nutrition Foundations Course is based on two core principles: flexibility & sustainability. There's no place for restrictive dieting, short-term interventions, and/or rigid food rules. In fact, a major peer-reviewed, meta-analysis study examining the top named diets - Paleo, Jenny Craig, Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, and many more - convincingly demonstrated that there is no "best diet," but rather the best diet is the one you will actually follow. 

Over 12 weeks, you will have designed an individually-tailored nutrition program that you will actually stick to. Consistency is the name of the game & we'll teach you how to master consistency through step-by-step, evidence-based coaching. 

Yours in health, 

Derick Deal

Founder, Elite Nutrition. 

12 week Nutrition Coaching program for robust fitness
       Get lean.  Optimize health.  Enhance performance
Body Composition
Targeted fat loss
Enhance muscle quality
Improve tone & definition
Build muscle (if your goal)
Test & improve health biomarkers 
Prevent disease + boost immune system
Increase energy + reduce fatigue
Get off/reduce medications
Workout-specific nutrition
Nutrient timing
Recover better, increase stamina
Evidence-based supplementation
Elite Nutrition Principles
Individualized Nutrition
In-depth assessment to ensure unique needs are met
Nutrition that addresses your physiology, genetics, & lifestyle
Antidote to one-size-fits-all dieting - each program is unique
Build skills and habits that stay with you for life 
Private Facebook group forum to get immediate Q&A
Sustainable pace through step-by-step programming 
Supportive community with shared commitment & values 
Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good: master consistency
Coaching & Accountability
Tailored To Your Lifestyle
Nutrition that supports & integrates with your lifestyle 
Hate to cook? Love to cook? Don't worry, nutrition is flexible
Nutrition focused on saving time & energy in the kitchen
Travel & on-the-go nutrition strategies
Nutrition Package
Personalized nutrition program
Nutrition distilled into 12 intuitive principles
Online platform + weekly lessons 
Integrates with any exercise program
Workout-specific nutrition guidelines
Private forum & community
Nutrition For Brain & Cognitive Health
Evidence-based supplement guide
Nutrition For Gut & Microbiome Health
Resources, recipes & much more!
Competitor Rates
Nutritionist  /  Registered Dietician
Nutrition Foundations Course
One Time Payment*
  • *Payment plan option: $33 per month for 3 months
  • Lifestyle- Nutrition: Social eating, Diverse taste & cooking preferences. 
  • Not just information: Acquire skills, Develop habits, Accountability.
Hold Yourself To A Higher Standard
Client Testimonials

Chris W. - Senior level executive and runner

"My biggest challenge has always been finding time to devote to my health. I'm not much of a cook and needed a strategy that didn't require me to weigh and measure food, cook all the time, or otherwise make me suffer. Coach Derick's skill-based philosophy towards nutrition helped me see the value in learning a few critical skills that yielded massive time-savings down the road. This tool has been immensely valuable for me and having Derick keep me accountable has made all the difference."

Nicole A. - Single mom, working professional, avid walker

"Receiving the level of personalized attention from Coach Derick has allowed me to finally break a cycle of dieting that has frustrated me for most of my adult life. Perhaps the most helpful nutrition lesson I learned was to not view food as "good" or "bad" but rather simply as nourishment. Derick helped provide me direction, but made sure that my food choices were not coming from a place of "all or nothing" thinking. Derick does a great job of teaching how to do this."
Christine C. - Department of Transportation Fitness Specialist, marathon athlete

"I have never tried another nutrition or exercise program before, but I am a former Division I athlete and I found that Derick's program set up goals that were realistic and attainable and fit within my busy schedule. I was able to decrease my body fat percentage and reach a higher level of nutritional status. I just wanted to say that I have had a great experience working with Derick and really appreciate his nutrition and exercise guidance."

Nikita S. - CrossFit athlete, working professional, part-time student

"I've worked with a nutritionist before and having to implement a meal plan was too tedious and time consuming. While I was able to follow this for a couple of months, I quickly became bored and frustrated with my level of consistency. I didn't know there were many different ways to eat to support my goals until I came across Derick's program. Derick helped me control my need to do everything all at once and focus on staying consistent. This allowed me to finally lose the last 10lbs!" 
Jacquie M. - Managing Partner, Datastrong

"Derick's program was motivating and fun. I was able to lose weight and make good friends. Derick has a strong sense of personal investment and it really makes a difference. He experiments a lot to help understand what his clients are experiencing. I also like the cerebral aspect of the program."

Cassandra P. - Proud mom of 4, aspiring powerlifter

"Derick took the time to hear my concerns, complaints, and general dissatisfaction with my experiences dieting in the past. He worked with me patiently to find an approach that feels totally doable. Derick helped me involve my family more in the cooking and meal preparation process, which made the process more sustainable and even fun. If you want effectiveness without dogma or rigid dieting, I highly recommend Derick."
Tom G. - USMC Officer, Athlete, Realtor 

"I definitely gained solid muscle and size, which were some of my goals. I also became more fit in the process which I attribute to Derick's plans. Derick is not only positive and easy to work with, he adds an extra level of comfort to the process with his demeanor and personality."

Hold Yourself To A Higher Standard
Frequently Asked Questions
I currently follow [Paleo] [Vegetarian] [Other diet philosophy] , can I still do the Academy?

Yes. the program is diet-agnostic meaning we don't ascribe to any one particular diet philosophy. Our coaching focus is to teach nutrition principles that any diet needs to account for in order for you to reach your goals. These principles can be applied through eating Paleo-only foods, Vegetarian-only foods, etc. 
We will help you make the diet you already follow work for you or you can let us custom create your nutrition program if you don't already follow a particular diet.
Will I have to count calories and/or weigh and measure my food?

No. Our mission is teaching nutrition strategies that don't require you to weigh/measure food, count calories, or otherwise attempt to rigidly control your food intake. This is not effective, nor necessary, and can lead to a disordered way of viewing and eating food. The course is focused on building habits, skills, and a sustainable model of eating. These methods are far more accurate than calorie counting with the added benefit of requiring less time and effort in the kitchen. 
I'm just interested in fat loss [or other specific goal], will the Academy specifically target this? 

Absolutely. During the initial assessment, you will determine which goals your nutrition program will focus on. Unlike other fat loss programs or diets, the Nutrition Foundations Course programs your nutrition without sacrificing other areas of your health. For example, a common fat loss strategy is to cut calories drastically leaving you feeling hungry and miserable all the time. Not only is this highly unsustainable, but it damages other areas of health, such as your functional muscle tissue, hormonal health & cognitive function. Our philosophy actively fights this kind of poor nutrition to help you lose fat in a responsible and sustainable manner. 
I'm busy and have a lot going on, what are the time demands of the course? 

The course is specifically built for people just like you. This program is not for bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and other individuals who spend a lot time weighing, measuring, and cooking their food. We ask clients to set aside 1 hour per week to complete each week of the Foundations Program. 
Does the program follow a low-carb or low-fat approach? 

It depends. The course provides nutrition programs tailored to each individual; if we find such approach appropriate, then we will help you implement it. That being said, rarely do clients need to eat a low-carb or low-fat diet structure. You will learn all about carbohydrates, fats & proteins and why we recommend what we recommend. As always, our recommendations will be specific to you. 

Hold Yourself To A Higher Standard
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